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“We are Felix Holzapfel and Klaus Holzapfel. As successful entrepreneurs, we simply follow our passion! We help you to stay focused and answer the most important questions in our rapidly changing world: Where to head with your business? And how to get there? That is what Quovabiz is all about.”


The digital age has just begun.
We help you explore how this impacts you and your business.
Together, let’s chart your best course forward.


Now is the time to unlock your full potential in the digital world.
What’s holding you back? Too often, it’s not a lack of know-how but rather how-to.
We direct you to tear down walls and turn ideas into reality.


We focus on top-level client relationships.
Each client receives exclusive one-on-one service.
Expect to be inspired during your intensive time with us.

Our passion


Helping ambitious entrepreneurs to build, operate, scale, and sell successful businesses (also knwon as BOSS a biz). We focus on seed investments and founding own ventures.


Digital translator and enabler. Making people think bigger and outside the box. Playing devil’s advocate. Challenging your daily routine and supporting you to get things done.


We enjoy creating sustainable change. That’s why we love to work for entrepreneurs and projects whose aim is a better world. If our missions align, then we might partner with you.

Clients & ventures


agriBORA is one of our seed investments. Felix Holzapfel, founder and CEO of Quovabiz, is also a member of agriBORA's advisory board. The company merges the benefits of an agritech SaaS platform with blockchain technology to disrupt the biggest sector in one of the fastest-growing regions of the world — farmers in Africa.


CRONOFF creates a unique blockchain-focused eco system. The company's mission: Making CRypto ONboarding and OFFboarding safe! We helped CRONOFF’s founder create a company ready for sustainable growth. Quovabiz became one of the two major shareholders, and Felix supports the company as Chief Strategy Officer.


Continuum Housing LLC was founded by Felix and Klaus Holzapfel to develop zero-emission smart homes. We own a parcel of land on 66th Ave and Lowell Blvd in North Denver, where we built our first eleven net-zero emission townhomes that showcase our blend of innovative and sustainable technologies. Currently, this is Klaus's favorite passion project; and he serves as general manager.


WETHEBRANDS GmbH is a company operated by a team from Cologne with multiple years of founding experience in tech and e-commerce. WETHEBRANDS buys Amazon stores and develops them from good to amazing category leaders. Quovabiz is one of the early stage investors in this very ambitious business.


DEVK is the prototype of a Quovabiz consulting client. With about 4.2 million customers, DEVK is one of the leading insurance companies in Germany. Our collaboration started in 2011 when our former business became DEVK's long-term agency partner covering fields like customer experience, digital marketing, and social media. After we founded Quovabiz in 2020, DEVK asked if Felix wanted to support the company with our executive consulting services.

Who we are

We are Felix Holzapfel and Klaus Holzapfel. We are brothers who are passionate about telling and creating stories of engaged business leaders, building successful brands and companies, making a difference in the world.

In 2002, we founded the digital marketing agency conceptbakery. We had the privilege to work for some of the leading brands in the world. We served many Fortune 500, DAX 30 and SMB entities*. After we established an international agency alliance our business became part of Zone. We turned into shareholders and members of the senior management team. End of 2017 Zone was sold to Cognizant (listed on the NASDAQ, a Fortune 500 company).

All of the above led to Quovabiz. Our USP? As financially independent entrepreneurs, we are doing this for the love of it! We are experts in creating innovative, yet realistic ideas and solutions by defining a comprehensive step by step process. Thus we turn a lot of conversations into a lot of action. It’s time to translate our experience and know-how into success for other companies, maybe yours. Tell us about your challenges, needs and dreams, and let’s see if Quovabiz is the right fit.

* Please click “About Felix” and scroll to “Career”, “2002 Conceptbakery” and/or “2016 Zone” to find examples of former clients